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New PTFE-free! wax additives from BYK:


Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) is a typical representative of perfluoroalkyl and polyfluoroalkyl (PFAS) substances. Its usage has been increasingly critically assessed at a global level for some time now, because products from this group of chemicals are suspected of being harmful to health. Nevertheless, PTFE possesses some desirable properties that harmless materials often do not have. In the field of wax additives, for example, conventional PTFE-based variants demonstrate outstanding abrasion and scratch resistance.

Product profiles

Their special composition gives these additives a comparable level of mechanical resistance in solvent-borne, solvent-free and UV coatings. Their fine particle size distribution also makes them ideal for use in clearcoats and systems with low film thicknesses. CERAFLOUR 1050, CERAFLOUR 1051, and CERAFLOUR 1052 can be used to achieve matting in aqueous cosolvent-containing systems. All three PTFE-free additives are food contact compliant.

BYK Sustainable Products Wax Additives

The PTFE-free! alternatives from BYK at a glance

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PTFE free label

of CERAFLOUR 1050, 1051, and 1052:

  • Significant improvement in abrasion and scratch resistance
  • Medium to strong reduction in surface slip
  • Very fine particle size distribution => also suitable for clearcoats and systems with low film thicknesses
  • Food contact compliant

Additional Benefits

  • of CERAFLOUR 1050:
    Especially recommended for clearcoats and haze-sensitive systems
  • of CERAFLOUR 1051:
    Good performance in a wide range of application areas
  • of CERAFLOUR 1052:
    Ideal for systems that require less surface slip

We recommend the usage of CERAFLOUR 1050, CERAFLOUR 1051, and CERAFLOUR 1052 in general industrial, coil und can coatings, wood and furniture, and architectural coatings.

If you would like more information about the new PTFE-free! wax additives, please contact your local BYK partner or use our contact form.