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What does sustainability mean at BYK?

Sustainability is of high value at BYK and has many facets. The search for alternative raw materials, the reorientation of research and development towards more sustainable products, sustainability in the applications of our customers, and the safest possible recycling in the sense of the circular economy are also among our most important topics.

We integrate the three dimensions of ecology, economy and social commitment into all decision-making processes at BYK.

Unfortunately, we cannot be THE solution to climate change - but we can be part of the solution. With our sustainable solutions, we want to create value - not only for our customers, but also for our environment, our employees and future generations.

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Sustainable products

With innovative additives, BYK helps to improve the properties and quality of coatings, plastics and industrial applications. We are continuously expanding our portfolio of sustainable additives in all product groups.

For example, we offer bio-based additives, aqueous systems, PTFE-free wax additives and additives for the recycling of thermoplastics. BYK also produces VOC-free, tin-free, aromatic-free, low cyclic siloxanes and biocide-free additives. Our researchers are also continuously developing further sustainable solutions for our customers around the world.

“I believe sustainability is not a trend; it's a fundamental responsibility. BYK’s commitment to sustainability is about reducing our environmental footprint and securing a better future for generations to come.
Together with our customers, we have the power to drive meaningful change and create a world where sustainability isn’t just an option, but a way of life.”

Dr. Jörg Hinnerwisch
Division President BYK

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