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By using rheology additives, the application properties of the most varied of systems can be significantly improved.

However, depending on the desired improvement, tailor-made solutions and a precise adaptation of the rheological profile are required. For example, the increase in storage stability requires a different viscosity profile than an increase in layer thicknesses; while, for an increase in viscosity in low shear ranges, a different approach is required than that for an increase in the brushing resistance.

Moreover, the additive must be precisely adapted to the polarity of the system, depending on whether the system in question is solvent-borne, solvent-free or aqueous.

BYK offers a multitude of the most diverse of additives for systems with a variety of polarities. Alongside additive classes such as phyllosilicates or associate thickeners, special high-performance additives such as synthetic phyllosilicates are also available. These are characterized by their high uniformity and transparency. Liquid rheology additives that can be very easily incorporated as well as enhancers for fumed silica round off the scope of products available.

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You will find more information in our multimedia brochure which provides interactive graphics, fascinating animations and videos.

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