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BRIEF – BYK Regulatory Information Extensive Form

Information on product safety

In the BRIEF documents BYK collected the most important data on product safety. The BRIEFs were completely revised in April 2013.

Our BRIEF documents, a series of concise documents for the products in the Additive Guide, were introduced some years ago. In that period, they elicited keen interest among our customers worldwide giving, as they do, the key relevant data for global regulatory compliance purposes.
Together with the additional regulatory affairs documents that are available for download on the BYK website, they offer the key relevant data for global regulatory compliance purposes.

Because legislation is emerging and evolving at an ever-increasing pace, BYK felt the need to completely revise its BRIEF documents. The main focus points were:

  • Inclusion of Taiwan notification status
  • Inclusion of the elements needed for the French Arrêté VOC for wall and floor coatings
  • An update of the endocrine disruptors, based on the EU project on endocrine disruptors
  • Inclusion of % volume VOC
  • More precise data for (heavy) metals
  • A major check of the accuracy of all data in the BRIEFs

BRIEF Documents for Download:

Thank you for your positive feedback on our BRIEF documents – we look forward to your comments and to any ideas you would like to share with us.

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